SMS Casino

If you’re a mobile casino player, there’s little doubt that at some point you’ll have heard of SMS casino deposits, and perhaps you’re wondering what that means. Essentially, this is shorthand for premium SMS casino deposits, where you make a deposit using a premium SMS service, which charges the value of the deposit to your phone bill. This form of depositing is popular with players using smartphones to play at casinos, who don’t want to bother with the inconvenience associated with other depositing methods. On this page you’ll find all the information you’ll need to understand what SMS casino deposits are, why they’re advantageous for mobile players.

What Makes a Casino an SMS Casino?

Essentially, an SMS casino is any online and/or mobile casino which has the facilities for players to deposit funds from their phone bill via premium SMS. There’s a number of different services which offer these capabilities – the largest and most common of which are Boku and Payforit – so the precise ways in which these deposits are processed differs ever so slightly from one site to the next, but generally speaking, the means by which SMS casino deposits are made are pretty much the same.

This type of deposit involves your phone network provider making the payment to the casino of your choice, then charging you through your phone bill. It works both with pay-as-you-go – where the credit equal to the value of your deposit is removed instantly – as well as with contracts – where the value of the deposit is added to your monthly bill. It was the networks themselves who came up with the idea for this kind of payment, so whoever you’re with in the UK, chances are you can take advantage of phone bill deposits. Though SMS casino deposits aren’t only for those using smartphones and tablets to gamble with, due to the fact the method is so mobile-centric, they’ve really taken off at mobile casinos, and this is where most are made.

Why Players Choose SMS Casinos

Every mobile casino player has different preferences when it comes to depositing – it all depends on where your money is and how you want to transfer it to your chosen casino – but for an increasing number of players, SMS casino deposits are at least one part of their overall deposit routine, and for good reason too.

The big headlines when you’re talking about SMS casino deposits is the speed and convenience with which the deposits are made. All you need to be able to make an SMS casino deposit is the phone handset you’re probably going to be using to play with anyway, as well as a topped up phone or contract SIM card. You can deposit using just your phone number, going through a very small number of steps to confirm your deposits; best of all, the payment is made instantly, so no sitting around waiting for it to clear.

Above all else, among the fact that you can deposit faster and with less effort than with pretty much any other depositing method, is the fact that SMS casino deposits are among the safest ways to transfer money into your casino account, given the security features that are pretty much built into the system.

First and foremost, when you make a deposit using this method, the payment is made not directly from you, but rather from your phone network provider, meaning you’re not sharing any of your own financial information with the casino – significantly cutting down the risk of fraud. Add on to this the fact that SMS casino deposits will always require you to respond to a confirmation SMS before the payment is advanced, ensuring that no one can use your phone bill to make a deposit without your consent.

Using an SMS Casino

So, we know the why and the wherefores, but so far we haven’t covered exactly how one goes about making a SMS casino deposit. Frankly speaking, any guide to using this deposit method is a little redundant, owing to the fact that it’s so easy it’s pretty much self-explanatory anyway, however, we want to make sure that even the confused players out there able to take advantage of the method, so thought we’d have a go at explaining how making a SMS casino deposit works.

The first task you have is deciding which SMS casino you’re going to make your deposit at. Obviously, the main criterion for this selection is that the casino accepts deposits via phone bill deposits, but beyond this you should be ensuring that the games on offer are the kind you’re going to enjoy playing, and that you’ll want to take advantage of the bonuses on offer. After all, you don’t want to deposit at a casino you don’t want to play at.

Once you know which SMS casino you’re going to use, you simply need to head to the banking section of the site and select the mobile billing option – chances are this will be either Boku or Payforit – which should open the interface for the related payment intermediary. At this point you’ll need to enter your desired value for the deposit, as well as the phone number for the phone account you want to be charged.

Whichever intermediary your chosen casino is using, the service will send you a confirmation SMS to ensure you want the payment to go ahead. This is one of the key security features of SMS casino deposits, and ensures no one can fraudulently use your phone bill to make payments and deposits. Depending on the payment intermediary, you’ll either need to reply affirmatively to the SMS, or else enter the code included in the SMS into the casino interface.

On doing this, the payment will be confirmed, and your deposit will be added to your casino account. These deposits tend to go through instantly, so unlike some other deposits where you might be waiting around for the payment to clear, you can simply get on with the important business of using your newly deposited cash to enjoy great online and mobile casino games!