PayPal Casino

Ever since online casinos came into existence back in the 90s, people have been trying to work out the most efficient ways to deposit funds into their casino accounts. With the birth of ewallets, it quickly became apparent that PayPal casino deposits would be a neat and effective solution to players’ desire for a totally online and secure deposit solution for online, and later mobile, casinos. Being the most famous, widely used and popular ewallet on the market certainly gave PayPal casino deposits an edge, but it takes more than just popularity to explain why PayPal casinos are so attractive to players.

These days, PayPal casinos are among the most numerous on the web, with literally thousands of sites opting to allow players to take advantage of this most useful of depositing methods. Below we’ll run you through what it means for a casino to accept PayPal as a deposit method, how you can make a deposit using this method, and why you’d choose to play at sites which accept these deposits.

What is a PayPal Casino Deposit?

There are plenty of ways for you to deposit at a mobile casino, ranging from anything like credit and debit card payments to voucher and pay by phone bill payments, but still, one of the most popular – both in terms of the number of casinos which accept it and the number of players that use it – are PayPal casino deposits.

PayPal is an ewallet, which basically means that it’s an account which holds your credit and debit card and banking information PayPal casino deposits work by allowing players to enter credit or debit card or bank details into a PayPal account from which they can then make payments with various online merchants, or in the case of online and mobile casinos, make a deposit. You simply need to head to the PayPal casino of your choice, and take your PayPal login and password with you to be able to make the deposit; the rest is easy.

While this might just sound like it’s a card deposit or bank transfer, and in many ways it simply is, but there’s a number of benefits afforded to players making PayPal casino which those making card or bank deposits can’t take advantage of, including the speed, convenience and security, but we’ll go into more details about that below.

How to Make a PayPal Casino Deposit

PayPal casino deposits are among the easiest to make at online and mobile casinos, given that the deposit option has been specifically designed to allow quick and easy online payments, and has been optimises for mobile to ensure that if you’re depositing at a mobile casino, the process is every bit as easy as if you’re depositing at an online (desktop/mobile) casino.

The first stage of making a PayPal casino deposit is, of course, finding a casino you like that accepts PayPal casino deposits. Remember that although you might really be out to find a casino which accepts this specific deposit method, that shouldn’t stop you from being picky about other aspects of the casino which will be important to you along the way. This means making sure you’re also attracted to the games selection on offer at the site, and that the bonuses are generous, and the kind you think you’ll really benefit from.

Once you’ve identified your PayPal casino, you’ll want to find the deposits section on the site, and choose ‘PayPal’ from the list of deposit options. This should launch the PayPal interface, which will allow you to choose the value of your deposit, and will require you to enter you PayPal login details – i.e. the email address and password associated with your account. These login details are your way of confirming and authorising the payment.

Once you have authorised the payement, your deposit should go through almost instantly, meaning you can play with your deposited funds straight away if you’d like. It’s really this quick and easy to make a PayPal casino deposit, which seems like a great segue into a discussion of the benefits of using PayPal.

Why Play at PayPal Casinos?

So, as demonstrated above by our run-through of how to make a PayPal casino deposit, it’s obvious that the speed of these deposits is one of the key factors attracting players to using it. On top of this is the convenience of the payment method; although it’s arguably not as convenient to use as the likes of mobile phone bill deposits which require only a phone handset with access to money via credit or your phone bill, it still requires the least effort than other deposit options.

For instance, if you directly use a credit or debit card, you’ll need to go through the lengthy process of entering your card details every time you want to deposit, and if you don’t remember them, you have to keep your card to hand whenever you want to deposit. PayPal casino deposits make this simpler by requiring you to enter your card details only once into your PayPal account, from which you’ll then be able to deposit using just your email and password.

While convenience and speed is import, arguably as or more important is the fact that PayPal deposits allow or a greater level of security than traditional depositing methods. Because you never need to share your bank or credit card details with the casino, there’s no chance that a nefarious operator could steal money from your accounts without your noticing. Moreover, the fact that you need to enter your email and password into the PayPal interface at the casino, rather than giving the login details directly to the casino itself also protects you from this kind of fraud. Finally, PayPal casino deposit transactions will all be logged in your PayPal account, which you can review at any time – if you don’t recognise a transaction, you’re able to contact PayPal’s award winning customer service team, and let them help you sort it out.

Safe, secure and speedy – what more could you ask for?