Online Roulette

Despite having its roots way back in the aristocratic casinos of 18th century France, roulette has not only survived the test of time, but flourished over the centuries, and today online roulette is one of the main staples of any online or mobile casino offering. The reasons that players are attracted to online roulette are both manifold and objective to each player, however the fact that the game has been so popular for so long demonstrates that there’s some innate quality that appeals to gamblers across the years. Despite its simplicity (or perhaps owing to its simplicity), the game has proven to be particularly adaptable to the changing tastes of players, and the success of online roulette is testament to the basic game’s resilience in a changing gambling landscape. Below we’ll explore the appeal of the game, and briefly touch on how you play the game.

The Appeal of Online Roulette

The concept of the game has not changed in decades, and although there are different variations of online roulette, the principle of the game remains the same, however you choose to access it and play. The game consists of a betting table with the numbers 1 – 36 in irregularly alternating red and black (with the addition of a green 0 in European roulette and 0 and 00 in the American version of the game), and it is on this table that players place their chips to indicate where they think the ball is going to fall. Then there is the wheel, which carries the corresponding coloured numbers round its circumference, and it is round the wheel that the ball is rolled, with its final resting place deciding the winning number.

There’s a whole host of different ways to bet in online roulette, including over a few numbers, black or red, odd or even, and with digital versions of the game, these betting options have become even more complex. Despite the technological capabilities of online roulette, most players still enjoy the most simple versions of the game, which stay relatively close to the original.

Now lots of roulette purist might be sitting there thinking ‘it’s not really worth playing unless you can see a real ball going round a real wheel; a computer algorithm just doesn’t cut it for me’, but before you discount online roulette out of hand straight away, let us introduce you to the concept of live dealers. Live dealers are pretty much exactly what they sound like – real people standing next to real roulette tables, only instead of being in an old fashioned casino, these dealers are connected by video link to online casinos all around the world.

You can connect to live dealer tables, use an online interface to place bets on the number table, and then the dealer will spin a real ball around a real table, and the outcome of that spin will decide who wins any cash. This hybrid of online roulette and the more traditional brick and mortar game appeals to those who struggle with the concept of the online, computer generated game, but still want to enjoy the convenience of online play.

How to Play Online Roulette

So has our rundown of the virtues of online roulette got your interest peaked for trying out the game for yourself? Cool, well luckily, the principle couldn’t be simpler, and seeing as it’s a game of complete chance – without any skill element – even total rookies have the same chances of winning as those who have been playing online roulette for years.

The first step is choosing a variant of online roulette you want to play, we’d advise trying out European, as American has a smaller chance of winning. Once you’ve found the game that’s right for you, you need to start betting. You can bet on single numbers, but in online roulette, as with the traditional version of the game, you’ll find that you’re able to bet on things like odd and even number, black or red, lows or highs, and thirds of the numbers. There’s really no trick to deciding how to bet, it’s simply all about how you feel, but remember, different bets come with different risks and rewards attached.

Then you simply sit back and let the wheel spins. Different variants of online roulette show the wheel spinning in different ways, but whatever the outcome, the number it lands on will pay the number and any associated bets.

Online Roulette on Mobile

While online roulette has proved to be a rip roaring success over the last couple of decades of online gambling – thanks in no small part to the ease of converting the game into a workable and enjoyable digital format – the fact is that almost 50% of online gamblers now access their favourite games and casinos from smartphones and tablets. This begs the question for the classic games like online roulette, of how well it can perform on smaller screens, and whether it’ll continue to prove so popular among all the other distractions that modern smartphones offer.

One of the biggest problems facing mobile developers is the space available for them on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. While in brick and mortar casinos as well as on laptop and desktop versions of online roulette there is plenty of space to display the entire number table, as well as the wheel side by side, with mobile versions of the game, developers have to make some compromises and work creatively to come up with ways to display the game in a reasonable format that it is all visible but still playable.

This key challenge (among with some others) thrown up by mobile online roulette, developers have come up with all kinds of ways to meet all the needs of a mobile player. This is where we see some of the most creative and inventive variants of roulette, and after almost 400 years, it’s where we’re seeing the biggest and fastest evolution of the basic principle.