netent logoNot a single month has passed since NetEnt announced a new Jumanji slot in the making, yet that is just the beginning of surprises from the company in 2018. They really have developed a taste for games based on specific brands and especially those of TV series. That’s because they have recently announced two new upcoming slots that will be based on two popular television shows.

At ICE conference, NetEnt revealed that two of the slots launching this year this be Narcos and Vikings. Both are very popular shows, so the company expects them to be highly successful. We don’t doubt that either because NetEnt is known for making exciting quality slots and they have proven more than once that they know how to deal with branded software.


The Narcos TV Series

narcos tv series netent slotNarcos is one of the most popular American TV series today, launched in 2015. It has already aired three seasons and everyone around the world is waiting for the fourth one. The story follows the life of drug dealers in Colombia and around the world, focusing on Pablo Escobar. It’s based on real facts and that’s one the reasons why the show gained so much popularity.

Currently, the show is available in more than 130 countries. It’s been received favourably by both viewers and critics. What’s more, it has won Emmy and Golden Globe awards. It isn’t surprising that Fagerlund from NetEnt called gaining the rights of Narcos one of their biggest deals so far. It’s most likely going to attract way more people than both Jumanji and Vikings slots.


The Vikings TV Series

viking tv series netent slotVikings is another TV series that will come out as a slot later this year. It follows a Viking clan that’s based on legendary and historical Viking warriors. It tells the story of how they rose to power and started raiding England, France and other parts of Europe in the 9th century. It’s an Irish and Canadian action, adventure and drama series launched in 2013.

The Vikings slot is scheduled to be released by the end of 2018. Whether we can expect to see Narcos slot around the same time isn’t clear, so we may have to wait a little longer for that one. They’re likely to release the two games on different dates anyway, so we can enjoy each one for longer.


Branded NetEnt Slots Based On TV Series

planet of the apes slot gameplayNarcos and Vikings aren’t the only branded NetEnt slots. As already mentioned, the company is planning to release Jumanji slot as well. Plus, they already have a collection of similar games that you can play today. These include both TV series and other brands known from the popular culture.

Some examples include Planet of the Apes slot, released just a few months ago and Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse, also one of their newest releases. If you weren’t around before that, you may have not heard of their other slots like Jimi Hendrix, Guns N’ Roses and Motörhead. Finally, there’s Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein slots. As you can see, the company has a lot of experience making branded games. So, we should expect nothing but the very best from these upcoming releases.