Nektan Casino

Nektan casino software is one of the leading B2B mobile content providers, developers and platformers. You may have seen their named bumped around the internet in a few places due to their large online presence. Read on below to find out exactly what they do, who they are and where you can find a Nektan Casino.

What is a Nektan Casino?

Going onto the London Stock Exchange in 2014, Nektan casino builds and provides RMG (Real Money Gambling) software and content to multiple mobile casinos across the internet. They are responsible for delivering the best and most original content from the top software developers in the industry including NetEnt and IGT. They make setting up a casino much, much easier than it needs to be and can get them up and running in no time. Nektan casino provides the layout and the content for the casino so that it can appease to its already well-established online player-base.

Nektan Casino promotes tightly regulated online gambling, giving players a safe as well as a fulfilling experience. They also operate on a join partnership with Respin LLC and Spin Games LLC to provide US-based brick and mortar casinos with invaluable mobile tech to deliver their exciting content in new and innovative ways. However, they do mostly operate online and many casinos have benefitted greatly from investing in Nektan casino software. Their layout is easily recognizable and as soon as player realize they are at a Nektan casino, they know they’re in good hands.

Nektan casino’s main headquarters is in Gibraltar and they are regulated by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority as well as the UK Gambling Commission, so you know they’re in safe hands. Irish players need not worry either as they also operate in their market as well as most of Europe and North American. Nektan casino offices also reside in London, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. And seeing that Vegas and Reno are two of the biggest gambling cities in the world, you know that you’re in the right hands.

What Do Nektan Casinos Offer?

Nektan casino primarily focuses on the two largest online gambling markets – Europe and the US. They aim to provide easy technological solutions to casinos (and thereby the players) so that their RGM experiences can made as easy and fulfilling as possible. They operate with a mobile-first philosophy, that being all players are more likely to use mobile devices to gamble therefore their websites should be designed with that in mind. They are always looking to be ahead of the market, eager to strengthen their position anyway they can. Not only is this achieved by making Nektan casino customers happy, but it means keeping up with the times, always jumping on the latest developments in technology to stay ahead of the game.

Nektan casino is currently one of the top B2B providers/developers on the market, priding themselves on customer satisfaction and by being good at what they do. They always continue to strengthen their position by distributing, operating and providing top quality software in the RGM industry. Nektan casino’s primary online platform currently distributes mobile slots, online table games and progressive jackpots. They also provide in-land software for various land-based casinos, targeting those in the US that are no longer provided by any decent software.

Nektan casino’s ultimate goal is to simplify the path between mobile gaming, its players and casinos, providing excellent customer service at all times and an easy platform to jump from when they are just starting out. Nektan casino makes its money back by providing its content through four routes to the main market: through white label implementations, through house brands, through content licensing and, finally, through joint ventures.

Nektan’s Casinos

Many casinos that fall under the Nektan casino name include the likes of Fortune Frenzy, GoWin and Kerching! casino. Of course, there are many, many more and they are easily recognizable because of their trademark layout and shared content. This is made possible do to the many partners that have agreed to help them in carrying out their goals. This includes industry-leading developers such as NetEnt, who have provided Nektan casino with such unique content for a long time and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Another big partner of theirs is the NYX gaming group, which again provides such excellent content for all their out-sourced casinos to enjoy. They are always keen to take on new partners, however, so that the Nektan casino experience can always be improved. Recently, they have partnered with News UK to release their Sun Play – a game built just for dedicated readers of The Sun Newspaper. This features a range of free games to play and will continue the Nektan casino tradition of creating innovative and dynamic ways of gaming.

Nektan Casino Games

Nektan casino has invested a significant amount of time into building its games using HTML 5, a sophisticated piece of programming that allows players to access them from many different outlets across the internet. So, if NetEnt release a new game, all their casinos will have instant access to it and so will all its registered players. It’s a simple yet effective method of bringing the games straight to the player as quickly as possible.

All Nektan’s partners are focused on creating innovative and unique games to enhance the player’s experiences with each and every one of their casinos. They like to think their games all have very aesthetically appealing designs with animation that is both fluid and beautiful to look at. It’s a simple truth that players love games that look good but also challenge them in ways they probably didn’t expect. This is why they pioneer more unique content, as it not only stands out in a saturated market, more unique games tend to have longer lifespans.

Among slots, they also have a fair few table games such as Roulette and Blackjack, and Nektan casino also enlists the service of progressive jackpots like IGT’s Cleopatra and Cleopatra Plus, just to name a few. All to help players reach their goal of obtaining revenue.