planet fortune slotDo you remember all those sci-fi adventure TV shows from the 70s and 80s about robots and space travelers? Well, Planet Fortune will help you remember if you don’t. The new slot from Play’n GO is set in the future, yet it also has an unmistakable retro style. Futuristic and alien background, symbols depicting space adventurers, weird crystals and planets – everything reminds of Star Trek and other popular shows of this kind.

So, Planet Fortune is where people must have traveled to mine valuable minerals. But not everything turned out as expected because the planet is inhabited by robots and they aren’t always that friendly. As always, Play’n GO delivers a visually and aesthetically pleasing slot with great features you won’t find anywhere else.



planet fortune mobile slot

planet fortune slot review



Planet Fortune slot has five reels with four lines each. There are 40 fixed paylines that pay from left to right only, so that’s 100% standard. The sci-fi element in this slot is not in the base mechanics, but in the looks and special features. There are nine base symbols in the game. Five of them are the usual 10 to A, but even they are given cosmic looks. They also remind of the same symbols in IGT’s Apollo Rising, another spectacular sci-fi slot.

Then, there are two symbols for different minerals and two symbols depicting characters. The game gives no information on who they are or what they do, so that’s a missed opportunity. Of course, we can assume that the guy is some captain and the woman is his right hand – by now that’s a(n unfortunate) cliché and this slot has loads of them.


planet fortune gameplay


We enjoyed playing this slot for one simple reason. It pays fairly often and well, so it’s fun to spin at all times. On the other hand, it also has great features, one of which is also frequent, while another usually pays quite a lot. The pace isn’t very quick, but you’ll always feel like in the middle of the action. Besides, you can win up to 2,500x your bet in any moment.


Special Features

Aside from the regular symbols, Planet Fortune has wilds that also act as scatter symbols. If at least three of them land on the reels, you’ll be given 10 extra spins. Since the wilds depict robots, the bonus is called robot revolution. At that point, robots will become evil and their number will greatly increase. They’ll also become sticky during the free spins. Instead of moving down, they’ll move one reel to the left on each spin.


planet fortune slot free spins


Robot revolution is the most lucrative and exciting feature in the game. If more robots land (which is usually the case), they’ll act the same as the ones that activated the feature. If you’re lucky enough, a lot of them could land on the reels, paying big on each spin.

As good as this sounds, it’s not the only feature of Planet Fortune. There’s also ‘Magnetic Mayhem’, which is the frequent random bonus we told about. It occurs on every 10th spin or so and can boost your bankroll significantly every time. What it does is sticking adjacent reels together, and creating larger symbols. Up to three reels can be affected this way, resulting in 3×3 symbols. Even the leftmost reels could be affected, guaranteeing a win.


planet fortune magnetic mayhem



Planet Fortune is a 2D slot, yet it’s still an eye-candy, which says a lot about the work Play’n GO put into it. All the symbols, interface and background adds something to the atmosphere. At the same time, the slot runs quickly and flawlessly. We tried it both on mobile and desktop and encountered no flaws in its performance. You could be immersed for hours and it would still run perfectly!

Since the general feeling of the game is as important to us as its winning potential, we could spend much time talking about its soundtrack. Thing is, the music is just as polished as the visuals. It has a catchy rhythm that doesn’t get tiring and mixes in some retro elements which remind of old movies about aliens. The same applies to various sound effects. We’re talking about features triggering, wilds landing on the reels, a big payout or just plain reels spinning.


What’s Great About Planet Fortune?

While we like the special features on Planet Fortune, they aren’t entirely unique. True, you won’t find that specific combination, but sticky wilds that move to the left is quite frequent. Connected reels is also a frequent feature. What’s greater about this slot is its theme.

You may not think much of it if you aren’t a fan, and that’s alright. However, there aren’t that many slots based on sci-fi topics, like space travel and robots taking over. Well, alright, lots of slots are related to space. However, compared to Planet Fortune slot, Starburst has nothing to do with space. And this game conveys this style just perfectly.


planet fortune bonus feature



The only complaint we’ve got about Planet Fortune is a fairly small number of special features. To be precise, there are only two of them. That’s one random feature in the base game and one bonus round. Wilds acting as scatters at the same time isn’t usual, but this also means that wilds become quite rare in the base game as a result. Some people may not like that.

Even if you prefer many features in slots, you should try this new Play’n GO release. As we already mentioned, it’s fun to play despite having few features as one of them is really frequent and can be very lucrative at times too. We aren’t saying everyone will enjoy the game, but we believe it stands a fair chance. And don’t forget the theme and its flawless execution. It’s a must-play for sci-fi fans!