casino bonusesCasino bonuses are arguably the most important way that online casinos can attract new players. But players who have never spent a lot of time at the online casinos are going to have a hard time determining what is a valuable casino bonus and what isn’t worth their time. No deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, extra spins, deposit matches, win boosts… all of these phrases may as well be in another language to someone who isn’t well versed in online casino jargon. At Top Online Casinos UK, we care about you getting the most that you can from your online casino bonuses, so we’re going to break down some of the more complicated aspects of online casino bonuses into more understandable chunks.

No Deposit Bonus Cash

mfortune free bonus cashWhether it’s in your day to day life or at the casino, not many people are going to turn their head up at some free bonus cash. No deposit casino bonuses are one of the most sort after types of casino bonus there is. No deposit casino bonuses work by rewarding you from the moment you sign up with the casino, and act as a small gift from the casino to show that they care about you taking the time to take a chance with them. You don’t have to deposit any cash or risk anything in order to receive a no deposit casino bonus, you simply sign up with the casino and receive your welcome gift.

Bonus cash is the primary way that online casinos will reward players as a no deposit casino bonus. Bonus cash is simply cash which can only be spent at the casino, so although you can’t just withdraw it out immediately, it still gives you the chance to start playing straight away. Like most other casino bonuses, bonus cash will come with wagering requirements, so you’ll have to complete all of them until you can convert it into real money. Most casinos also require you to make at least one deposit before you can withdraw any money, so it’s no truly possible to get some bonus cash and then leave with your winnings. However, bonus cash does give you the chance to get a better feeling for how casinos work by giving you some money to start wagering with, and if you win anything on it, you can make a first deposit and withdraw your winnings later, so there’s potential gain to you with zero risk.

There are also a few casinos like mFortune Casino and PocketWin, which have a keep what you win promise on their no deposit bonus cash. This means that there’s no wagering requirements and as long as you win over a certain amount, you can withdraw the money and keep what you win. There’s a whole world of no deposit bonus cash promotions out there, so choose the right one which fits your needs.

Deposit Bonuses

deposit match bonusDeposit bonuses are a must have promotion at a casino and if you ever head to a casino which doesn’t have them, then it’s time to turn around and go and find a casino which cares about your deposits. Deposit matches work by giving the player a percentage return on any cash that they deposit into the casino. If players deposit £100, then the casino might offer them a 100% return, so when they start playing any games, they have £200 to play with, instead of just £100. Most casinos will usually have your first 3 – 4 deposits give you a deposit match, with many casinos offering you further deposit matches on certain days of the week.

Like the no deposit bonus cash, money given to you via deposit matches will also come with wagering requirements as it’s still bonus cash that can only be spent at the casino. Your real money and bonus cash is kept separate, so if you only want to gamble on real money and withdraw it straight away, then you can. But if you want to complete your wagering requirements and play for longer, then you can also spend your bonus money and enjoy even more time at the casino, with the option to place bigger bets than you usually would and go for higher wins, because some of the risk has been subsidised by the casino.

Extra Spins

extra spinsExtra spins can either come in a no deposit form or as part of a deposit bonus, with the latter being the most common. If you ever find a casino which offers no deposit extra spins, then you’ve found a keeper of a casino, but a casino which offers extra spins as an addition to your deposit bonuses should not be ignored either.

Extra spins are just like the same suggests, giving you a extra spin on a slot for a specific wager value. Some casinos also offer free turns, which means that you can use them on any casino game, even using them on a hand of blackjack or a spin of a roulette wheel. Extra spins can either come with wagering requirements on whatever you win with them, or they might be truly free.  You’ll have to read the terms and conditions of any extra spins bonus before you sign up to it in order to determine if there are wagering requirements or not, but it’s more surprising to find truly “free” extra spins, so you aren’t getting ripped off if they aren’t free.

Rebates And Win Boosts

guts casino blues be gone promotionRebates and win boosts are the promotions which fans of casino table games are after. Although you can spend bonus cash from deposit matches or no deposit bonuses on casino table games, there’s very few additional promotions which benefit table game users exclusively. Free goes are extremely rare and take a backseat to the far more popular extra spins, so casino table game fans need something which gives them an incentive to sign up to casinos.

Rebates and win boosts offer just that incentive. Win boosts and rebates give you either a boost to your winnings, or cover some of your losses on casino table games, in a method very similar to a deposit match. An example of a rebate promotion may be that you get a 100% return up to £100 on any losses you have on table games over a weekend. A win boost would work in the opposite way, giving you a 100% match up to £100 on any wins you’ve made on table games over a weekend. Many casinos will give you a choice between the two, or usually just give you a win boost or rebate depending on whichever amount was lower.

This additional cash that’s matched is usually always bonus money, so players shouldn’t go in expecting free withdrawable cash when they sign up for these bonuses. But players can still soften the blow, or make their lucky streak even more lucky by picking up a rebate or win boost promotion.